Friday, August 22, 2008

a tale of two scarves & non-existing socks


now that i have knitting, purling, & a few basics down (& the amazing reference tool that is the internet), i understand why so many knitters have multiple wips (work in progress -i'm getting the lingo down as well!). working on one project can get repetitive or i've learned with the above scarves. i've been alternating between these two scarf patterns the past few days & they are now both complete. finally.

branching out (scarf a): my first go at a lace pattern. you can't tell by my crappy picture, but it's turned out quiet well -for which i am glad since it's going to my grandmother. this was much easier than i (as a beginner) thought it was going to be. there were a few fumbles along the way…99% which are invisible. the mistake that is the 1% is kind of a 'where's waldo' & only seen if you search for it, so….pat on the back for me.

silk evening scarf (scarf b): fate had me destined to knit this cute, easy, elegantly fun scarf…a day after finding the pattern, the lys had the yarn at 1/2 price!!

trying to manipulate 5 needles is much harder than 2. i heard the transition from crocheting to knitting was awkward due to the concept of two needles vs, one hook, but i quickly adapted & had no issues handling an extra stick. adding 3 more needles just seems ridiculous to me right now. but no, i haven't yet given up on learning to knit in the round. i am determined to knit a pair of eff*ing socks. however, for the time being, after monkey-ing around with toothpick-thin needles & de-tangling equally thin yarn for about 3 hours, i've decided to put the socks aside until i'm feeling a little more optomistic. or, masochistic.

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