Thursday, October 23, 2008

dean's list

the dean & me, we're like this ::crosses fingers::.

every tuesday & thursday after our sanitation class for the last few weeks, a fellow student & i have been visiting the dean with a list of grievances regarding the teacher...we'll call her CL (crazy lady) for short.

CL is hands down the worst instructor i have ever had. the worst. here are my reasons why:
  1. she touts opinion/ideas as fact. ex: stated that medical information (particularly info such as recent std check-ups) could be accessed via credit reports on request.
  2. seems to have no real knowledge of the info she's supposed to be teaching. ex: told the class that a HACCP is required for establishments that serve sprouts (it's only required for places that are literally sprouting plants) & that no food can be served on ice (it can -oysters, for instance- as long as the melting water is draining away properly, etc..).
  3. kicks students out of class for no reason.
  4. is highly unapproachable & extremely defensive when asked to clarify information.
  5. completely unprofessional.

i had the last of it last thursday when we had our 25 question quiz/review. she mentioned that it would not be graded & that we would not be going over the answers in class.


are you wondering how a pop quiz w/out going over the answers is a review? well, so were my classmates and i. the class then erupted into a cacophony if questions & concerns. trying to establish some order, i decided to talk on behalf of my class.

me: "ms CL, i would like to, on behalf of the students, discuss with you options regarding the review. the class understands that this quiz is not graded & that it is only a review. however, we would just like to ensure that the answers we've chosen are correct so that we can review what we know or will need to prepare for by tuesday's exam."
cl: "no, i can't go over the answers. And i can't tell you why. it's personal."

seriously, what sort of answer is this? not satisfied, i prod further...

me: "we're not questioning having to turn it in. if you'd like, we can turn them in first or even have the students switch papers and grade them in class" (although it wouldn't matter since the fucking things aren't supposed to be graded anyway, according to her).
cl: "no, you'll get them back on tuesday."

i pointedly state that it makes no sense for her to give us these papers back on tuesday when we're starting the exam that same day. her response, in a shrill & defensive tone (like she's scolding me) is "if you don't want to do the review, then pack your stuff up & go home. ALL OF YOU, GO HOME!!"

a moment after this eruption, she screams at me "FINE, you've forced it out of me. I made special arrangements with a few students that this could be their final exam. This was a personal matter & you've forced me out of it!!"

see why we call her CL?

i have 3 issues with this: 1. if it's a final test for a handful of students, it wouldn't matter if we went over the answers AFTER she had us turn the papers in. 2. her syllabus states that there is absolutely no way to make-up any assignments/exams or do extra credit. so this "special arrangement with a few students" is completely bogus & fucked up. & personally as a person who is paying her salary, i deserve to know that information. 3. i was livid that she talked SO disrespectfully to me. i was nothing but calm, articulate, & professional.

anyhow, long story stopping before it gets any longer, everyone in that class should thank another classmate & me for the 3.5 (or above) they'll be receiving after our pow-wows with the dean.

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