Wednesday, October 8, 2008

leaving on a jet plane (maybe?...hopefully...?)

"does anyone want to go to spain next week?"

::raises hand:: umm, yes please.

"room & board is taken care of. you just need a current passport, some spending money, & to purchase the plane ticket...which is around $1400 since it's last minute."

::lowers hand:: i thought this was a rhetorical question.

our program was invited by the spanish consulate to partake in the tapas & wine festivities going on next weekend. so sad that i have neither a current passport or $1400. free housing, food, & wine!?!

oooh, chef harris, why did you tell us about this amazing opportunity? it's like you've poked me in the gut with a stick, repeatedly, for your amusement.

chances to cross the ocean are not yet dead. the baking/pastry program is working out the details for a study abroad/exchange program with a school in florence, italy. once they finalize the details (mainly regarding how credits would transfer/classes correlate to what quarter), i'm signing up. the cost would be the sscc tuition + room/board + spending amazing deal since tuition would normally be around $2200/month + $1300 for housing.

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