Wednesday, October 1, 2008

gateau aux noix

a trio of lavender-walnut tarts.

gateau aux noix (walnut tarts/cakes) originate from grenoble, france (located at the foot of the alps) -known for their walnuts. this particular variation of gateau aux noix was often taken on longer trips & up the alps because it does not require refrigeration.

simple & lovely

i wouldn't have thought to combine the two flavors. the lavender is very subtle & doesn't leave that "i have perfume in my mouth" taste on your tongue.


tacoflavoredkisses said...

Is that pronounced gat-oh ah no?

And is it really walnutty? Or like a pecan pie filling?

The crust looks kinda crazy, does it flare up and down? Or is that camera angle?

vovo said...

it is like pecan pie filling -but with walnuts. i can attest that it's not really walnut-y, because i'm not a big fan of them -yet, i enjoyed it.

the crust has a rustic crinkly look to it. but the reason it may look funky is because they're shrink-wrapped & the light is reflecting off the plastic.

Jimmy said...

these are like restaurant material

Chris - Laura said...

ditto to what jimmy said.

did you make these? they're beautiful!