Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"i'm a little tea pot..."

i got the job!

project education tea begins friday. over the next few weeks/months i will be tasting and learning about the 150+ teas the
teacup carries.

you know how your heart does that power-beating thing in your chest & you get really warm when you're really anxious about something? that was me when i looked at my phone & saw there was a voicemail from a missed a call from the teacup.

friday had gone REALLY well -at least, i thought it did. at the close of the interview, the owner & manager said they had narrowed their choices down to 4 people (including me!) for the two positions available & were pretty sure they could make their decision by that evening & would be making calls during the weekend, or at least notifying the potentials of their status by tuesday (which, by the way, i appreciate. i hate it when you have really awesome (1st, 2nd, 3rd) interviews, then never hear from the company again).

when i didn't hear from them friday evening, i began to (over)analyze the interview like it was a first date, wondering why he hasn't called yet. did i have something in my teeth? was i not the definition & perfect balance of wit & intelligence? was my enthusiasm read as desperation?

did i say something wrong? maybe i came across a little cocky & not humorously confident ["since i know you're going to hire me, what is the process of getting to know all these teas?"] or, perhaps more or less bribing them wasn't a good idea ["tea+me= cakes/goodies i'm working on...::wink,wink::"].

so. back to the voicemail. once i heard "we'd like to offer..." i was elated. i did a hop, skip, & a jump & rode that through sanitation class (which is taught by, in my opinion, a fear-mongering, intense bigot).


tacoflavoredkisses said...

Grats again hon, I'm happy for you.

And use your awesome kung fu powers for good. Kick her in the mangina.

vovo said...

did i tell you, she has crazy cankles..but the weird thing is, she's not heavy.

at first, i thought she was wearing leg-warmers.

Chris - Laura said...

congrats!! the teacup is the best! i'll have to visit you sometime.... i have lots of love for the tea world.

will you be at pike tomorrow?