Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the pastry/baking program is what i hoped it would be.

my daily schedule:
7am-8am: theory
8am-1:20pm: lab
1:20pm-1:40: demonstration (when working w/chef berger)
2:00pm-4:30 (tues/thurs): safety & sanitation

theory varies throughout the quarter & reviews things like equipment, history of various pastries/breads, & basic food chemistry. lab is spent in the kitchen (♥♥♥) & is broken down into groups (cakes, pies, cookies, breads, etc..) of 3-4 people. we spend 2-3 weeks in each group & rotate through all sessions. the chef roams the kitchen guiding everyone's work & answers any concerns. during demonstration, chef berger will lecture briefly on a particular skill or food item. for instance, today he discussed pluots/plums/prunes & we sampled a fantastic plum cake/galette (shaped like a free-form tart, but on some amazing brioche) he made.

there are two instructors: chef berger & chef harris. chef harris teaches theory, but i haven't had much interaction with him yet. in lab, i report to chef berget (burr-jhay); he has an intimidating stance & stern look, but when he is joking around (which he often does...he made jokes about being regular during his prune speech) his facial features soften & you can't help but smile to yourself with his lilting accent. i haven't personally seen this side yet, but three girls in my class have already been berated a few times (supposedly, he yelled at the girls about their eclairs -"these need more filling, they are too light!"- & threw one on the table.) & i am anxious for the day when he gets chef ramsey on my ass.

at the end of the day, i am red from running around the kitchen, my hands feel dry from so many washings, & my feet hurt from standing all day; overall, i am exhausted, but i couldn't be any happier.


Jimmy said...

sounds like a blast!! (only for someone who wants to do it, that is )

Chris - Laura said...

good for you!! where are you going to school at?

hope to see you tonight.

Jennifer said...

I have a crush on chef Ramsey. He's pretty hot for an old guy :)