Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i don't talk to you because...

i am baffled.

you are flaky. you are passive-aggressive. you are all talk & no action. you are smarmy. you get defensive. you like to pity yourself. & after initial contact, you're no fun at all.

the last conversation we had, i put you off after going off on your pathetic ass. we haven't had a conversation in over 6 months.

so why do you call & text to hang out as though everything is okay?


Deb said...

thanks vovo for your comment on my blog, yours is very amusing as well!
i don't know who you're talking about in this post but yeah, passive-aggressive seems to be the diagnosis...

Chris - Laura said...

thanks for the comment :) it helps with motivation to finish that project :)

i love these someecards.... they just spell it out so eloquently ;)

hope you have a good day.