Friday, September 19, 2008

pounding the pavement

please cross fingers & send positive thoughts my way on friday, sept. 26th at 2:30-ish; i have an interview with the lovely folks at Teacup (queen anne).

i haven't been as aggressive in finding a new job as i probably should be for a few reasons:
  1. i want to gauge what i can handle while starting the baking/pastry program which will be consuming most of my life for the next two years.
  2. i'd like something that will compliment my career goals, or pay more/hour (i'd rather not have to slave several hours for minimum wage unless i know it will get my foot in the door somewhere).
  3. i've found a temp wait-staff agency that is extremely flexible to my schedule. they call in the mornings & fill me in on any opening for the next few days/weeks & i pick & choose to my needs.

although i don't mind playing wait-staff & love variety at work, i can see the gigs with the temp agency wearing on my sanity pretty quickly. i prefer that my job be outlined to a degree. a general example of an event: i show up at the specified time & location, desperately search for the evening's contact or other team members, then scramble around & try to be useful while the head honcho figures out what he'd like us to do. as much as i like free/easy money, i feel guilty if i've been hired for something & i'm not doing anything -i'd rather be at home not being paid than sitting around feeling useless.

also, i'm tired of being snapped at by the permanent wait-staff. no, i don't know where the extra linens are kept. no, i don't know where the bar-jacks are supposed to be set. no, i didn't know that this is how you guys normally do it because i'm just doing what your boss-man has shown me. i don't expect kindness, but i do expect some respect & loath condescension.

anyhow, the thought that i may get the opportunity to learn more about tea (history, culture, variety) is pretty thrilling.

also, i'm applying to become a reporter/editor for the campus newspaper -there is some compensation, but i am hoping it provides some experience writing as a professional (plugging ideas, researching, deadlines, quotas).

the picture of the knit s has nothing to do with looking for employment. i just wanted to share. the one on the left has dead eyes (x_X) & looks a little rough because i don't know how to mattress stitch yet. the right heart was knit in the round.

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Jimmy said...

oh man this post makes me super happy yay! good luck on the interview and the newspaper. I know you'll do a great job.