Sunday, September 28, 2008


my left forearm & both wrists ache. my shoulders are stiff. my feet hurt even though i've been wearing sound, made-for-work shoes vs. my usual funky heels. banquet/event waiting is a bitch.

it's not all bad though.

the people: i get to work with interesting people with various backgrounds & experiences.

there's *L, who spent the last 5 years working in chile for a non-profit group. *J, who puts in 110% has an alcoholic housemate who often goes into a violent rage before blacking out. *LW moved here with promises of a job & place to stay, only to find it was all a lie & is now couch-surfing while determining whether to stay or to go. there's the guy who is taking his chances & moving to maui to tend bar & surf after quitting his much hated banking job.

the food: the staff eats whatever the guests are served for the evening. i'm not a fan of banquet food; it's not bad, but it's not all that great...but what can one expect when feeding/serving upwards of several 100+ people at one time? however, there are a few gigs in which the food is pretty awesome. for instance, the wedding anniversary had an antipasti (cured olives & meats, fresh mozzarella, artichokes, thin, grilled asparagus stalks), a duet of steak & halibut, & custard fruit tarts. & because the owner of a local brewery is a member of the country club & is kind enough to donate...there were free beers for the staff (consumed after the guests left during break-down, not service. we're responsible.).

the guests/clients/event: while working benaroya hall, i got to see graham kerr, of 'the galloping gourmet' fame -he helped shaped my interest in food as a kid. i had the opportunity to listen to steve ballmer give an inspiring speech on the importance of investing in the community one lives in (emphasis on schools/education) & his response to a question regarding immigration (i wanted to hug him).

i saw an elegant celebration of a marriage for my first gig -bride fresh-faced & glowing. yesterday, i witnessed the lasting love of a couple celebrating 50 years of life together -arms entwined, eyes locked on the dance floor.

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