Monday, September 1, 2008

an overdue review on pamela's (or why i miss pittsburgh pt.1)

i'm not a breakfast person during the weekday, but come saturday & sunday mornings, i am a complete advocate.

there's nothing better than lazily waking up & getting together with a group of friends for brunch at home or a local spot to sip on some coffee & delight in fluffy eggs or cinnamon-y french toast.

although i have a few favorite breakfast nooks, none compares to Pamela's on walnut street in pittsburgh, pa. (i specify this shadyside location because i've been to the other locations in pittsburgh & they don't compare).

out of standard breakfast fare, pancakes aren't usually my first pick; however, my mouth waters at the mere thought of hotcakes served here. a little heartier than a crepe, these babies have a crisp edge which compliment wonderfully with the rest of the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth center.

if you're not a pancake person or don't mind carbo-loading it & hitting the ultimate food coma, order a side of the home fries. they are perfect. that is all i have to say about them.

although this place serves straightforward classics, they are done incredibly if you're looking for something fancier/updated/different it's best to head elsewhere.

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Morgan said...

you should recreate these pancakes as part of your studies. i will taste test them for you.

i miss pamela's. i think it is the reason pancakes everywhere else taste mediocre.